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PLUS Cargo Global Forwarder Pty. Ltd.

PLUS Cargo Global Forwarder Pty. Ltd. is a company registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in 2004. The company was formed by Loel Ortiz, a highly experienced professional who is in the Door-to-Door business for more than 15 years with an aim in providing the best quality and efficient service in delivering balikbayan boxes Fast, Safe, and Reliable to love ones anywhere in the Philippines. PLUS Cargo Global Forwarder is managed by experienced and energetic team of professionals who are in the business for more than a decade and with an aim to serve the Filipino community at its best. Our policy is to deal everything with professionalism. We endeavor to continue this upward trend as supported by our good attitude, excellent customer service and “whisper marketing” strategy. PLUS Cargo have its own network in the Philippines that handle brokerage/releasing parcels from Customs and delivery to anywhere in the Philippines. Our affiliated customs broker and delivery agent in the Philippines is SPEEDSTREAM TRANSPORT INC. based in Las Pinas, Metro Manila. SPEEDSTREAM TRANSPORT INC. is fully registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

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IS FAST, SAFE, AND RELIABLE Our Logistics partner in Manila have vast resources and committed to deliver the boxes to its destination on time    .

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We have the commitment to serve you better and handle your balikbayan boxes as if our own.

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We are here to serve you better than anyone else. We keep you inform about the status of your balikbayan boxes, worry free
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Our pricing is very competitive with others.

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to track and trace your Air Freight, Cargo, Shipment delivery status details online quickly.
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You can track your cargo in your mobile phone.

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A track & trace number is a unique number associated with the box you sent. You can find this number on the top right side of your tax invoice given to you during pick up by our team/agents.
Click track trace found on the web page. Enter your tax invoice number and press the track button.
The Balikbayan Box is jumbo size, 60/58/56 cm. We only have one size box.
We deliver empty boxes at your address, a refundable $10/box is applicable.
We will pick up filled boxes on or before our published cut-off dates. Call the office to arrange pickup dates. The deposit paid for the boxes will be then deducted from your tax invoice.
Call us anytime 1300782324 / 0409779620

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You can track your air and sea cargo shipment status details online quickly.
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Our Logistics partner in Manila have vast resources and committed to deliver the boxes to its destination on time.
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